22 Sep 2015

Goodbye Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Hello to Social Styles and Success!


Myers-BriggsSocial Sciences use four standards to support its methodologies: Are the categories reliable, valid, independent, and comprehensive?

Here are a few key areas that Social Styles excels over MBTI:

  • A test is reliable if it produces the same results from different sources. MBTI does poor on reliability.
  • A test is valid if it predicts outcomes that matter.  There is no convincing body of evidence that Myers-Briggs types affect job performance or team effectiveness.
  • One of the key elements missing from the MBTI is what personality psychologists call emotional stability versus reactivity.  This is the tendency to stay calm and collected under stress or pressure. Stability versus reactivity turns out to be one of the most important predictors of individual and group patterns of thought, feeling, and action.  For more information, click here.

Based on Persona GLOBAL’s proprietary Social Styles & Trust Building methodologies, The Persuasive Communicator™ workshop addresses the areas where MBTI falters.

The Persuasive Communicator™ workshop enables delegates to build sustained, long term win/win business as well as personal relationships. Persona GLOBAL’s Social Styles is reliable and predicts outcome that matter.

The Persuasive Communicator™  can be a business opportunity for you and your clients.  There are thousands of The Persuasive Communicator™ success stories.   Recently, Persona GLOBAL’s Partner Leadership Inc, based in Jakarta, Indonesia, trained almost 500 managers of Astra Honda Motor (Japanese Joint Venture Automotive Company) in The Persuasive Communicator™.  Astra Honda Motor’s success is just one example of how Social Styles, including Persona GLOBAL’s Social Styles, is a superior tool for interpersonal communication effectiveness.